PRP Hair Regeneration

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative, non-surgical treatment option ideal for both men and women suffering from mild to moderate hair loss. PRP is natural, safe and comfortable. It is an excellent option to enhance hair density by stimulating dormant follicles.

PRP is obtained from the client's own blood. A blood draw, similar to that of a blood test, is done to collect your blood. A centrifuge spins the blood to isolate the PRP it is then drawn up and injected into the treatment area. PRP contains your growth factors which are key element involved in healing and enhance cell rejuvenation.

When injected they stimulate the production of new cells. In the case of PRP injection for hair loss they increase the density of the hair follicle, lengthen the growth phase of the follicle and stimulate new hair follicles.

Bijou offers The Harvest® SmartPrep® Multicellular Processing System which delivers the highest concentration and yield of platelets when compared to 12 other systems, as shown here by the data.

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For the Best Outcome:

  • We recommend 3 treatments. Consultation is required to determine
  • Spacing treatments 4-6 weeks apart
  • Ask about our PRP Club


Who’s it for?
Anyone looking for healthier hair with more volume and regrowth. People with extreme hair loss or non-existent follicles are generally not good candidates for PRP treatments.

No downtime. No adverse side effects.

Procedure Time:
Approx 60-90 minutes

Mesotherapy injected for an effective comfortable treatment.

Starting at $375-$700. PRP club pricing available. Book a consultation for customized treatments and pricing.

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